Thursday, July 5, 2012

To Be Or Not To Be

I am white, yet I am not white.
Yeah I know it seems confusing,
But actually it’s pretty simple.
I have white skin, but I am not white.
Do you understand now? 
Whiteness is a social construction—
Constructed by a particular class of whites—Anglo-Saxons!
The point of identifying the “truly” white from the falsely white
Is to ensure that whites only give advantages to their own kind. 
Yet during the summer, when I stand under the sun for too long,
I get sun burned and my skin turns red.
That’s what happens to people who are white!
Yet in this society, I’m not white!
I guess the nappy hair and the way I talk shows my true colors.  
Whites have the most houses, clothes, and cars,
But behind that material wealth is whites’ dark history.
So when the white man tells me, “You’re not white!”
I will be polite—and respond with a smile.