Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Passionate Arguments

“You’re wrong!”
“No, you are!”

And then things get interesting.

Because it’s not simply that we disagree, it’s the reasons why that spark thoughtful conversations between us.

Although most times her perspectives are substantiated, they usually lack the depth and strength of mine. Yet she believes different.

She tries harder every time. This is reflected by how loud she is and how pointed her arguments are.

When I admit she is right, I cringe on the inside. It’s an awful feeling. It’s like surrendering, like admitting defeat.

She never admits I am right, even when I clearly am. Her stubbornness gets under my skin and makes me want to yell. 

But arguments, I’ve learned, are not won with blind commitment to ones ideas; they are won with sound reasoning, something apparently very few women have.

Despite her obvious weaknesses, she keeps me coming back because her perspectives intrigue me and challenge me.

I have to admit there is nothing more pleasurable than a good argument. Well, actually there is, but that happens afterwards...