Sunday, November 15, 2009

Is The Glass Half Full?

Although it is sometimes difficult, I try to have a positive attitude. I try to see the good side of things. 

My philosophy is that the glass is half full. 

But lately I have been challenged to the point where I am wondering if there is even water in the cup.

Water is, after all, clear. Perhaps I am looking for the water from the wrong angle.

In the face of hard times, I try to remain optimistic, and say, “Things will get better.” But damn, times haven’t been as hard as they are now. What is especially demoralizing is that things seem out of my control.

Typically, when I have problems, I think the situation through and search for solutions. In this case, however, no solution seems to remedy the situation, nothing I do seems to fix things. That hurts. That makes me feel helpless. Powerless. Weak.

Yet even with that sense of helplessness, something has kept me from feeling completely defeated, something has given me the ability to have an unwavering spirit in the face of adversity. That something is love.

Love empowers me. It makes the feelings of despair go away, and it prevents me from collapsing. Most importantly, love reminds me why life is meaningful and worth living.

Will that love last? I guess only time will tell.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Bad Summer, Beautiful Life

I thought I was going to have fun this summer. I pictured sunny days, laughs, and ice cream. Instead, I experienced cloudy days, tears, and caskets. And now I'm left asking "Why me? Why do I have all the misfortune?"

I know that a lot of people are experiencing worst things. There are people without legs or arms. People who can't see or hear. People with terrible diseases. People witnessing genocide
—family members dying one by one. People hungry. People without homes.

Yet all I can think is "Why me?" But maybe I should ask myself a similar question: "Why not me?"

After all, tragedy is not bias. The world does not decide to give me misfortune because I deserve it but rather because misfortune is a part of life. It happens without warning. It is unplanned.

So it is how we handle this misfortune and adversity that determines where we go next. Will we let this misfortune define our lives? Do we just fall into a cycle of misfortune, where we ourselves begin to participate in its creation
—or, instead, do we find a way to overcome it, and give ourselves the best opportunity to be happy?

This past summer has made me realize that adversity can't be avoided. It is, without a doubt, a part of life. What one can do, however, is not back down when it arrives. One can fight. I know that it is easier said than done, especially since adversity and life's obstacles at times seem insurmountable

But as much as problems can be created, solutions can be found. It doesn't mean that the solutions will always completely solve our problems; what it does mean, though, is that the solutions will be a means to preventing the problems from escalating to the point that they control our lives and determine our experiences.

In the end, nature could care less if we succeed or not or enjoy our short time on earth. Society, for the most part, could also care less, though, in a way, since society its interdependent, individuals within it define its destiny.

So where you go in life and what you do with it is completely up to you. The world will continue existing even if you don't. And society, although they would appreciate your participation, would also survive.

Since I am still here and don't know when I'll be leaving, I'm going to make the best out of life. I know that, despite my intentions to have a positive attitude, misery and pain will occasionally seize control of my brain. However, I'll make sure to let happiness rule my neurological processes most of the time.

If there is one thing that I learned from this bad summer, it's that life, even at its worst points, is precious. Life is beautiful. If you doubt me, observe nature, a child, or a loved one for a few seconds, and I promise you that you will smile.