Saturday, September 25, 2010

History Matters

In our fast-paced culture that is so focused on now, yesterday is hardly examined. Even what happened a few hours ago loses relevance quickly in our increasingly twitterized world. 

But should it be that way? Should we never look back at the past? 

I argue that historical awareness is essential, particularly since it shows us how the present came to be. 

It reveals, among other things, how technology evolved; how governments formed and changed; how groups developed cultural and economic systems.  

At the heart of society, of culture, of the human experience lies the past, lies history. It defines our attitudes, worldviews, and, most importantly, our identities.

Without knowledge of the the past, without historical memory, the present is meaningless. We might as well be zombies.  

Unsurprisingly, when groups such as African Americans and Latinos are denied a full analysis and examination of their history, they suffer dearly. They lack a sense of identity, of group solidarity--a sense of themselves.

Whether it is expressed through the Internet, books, films, or lectures, history needs to be exchanged for our society to function properly. The medium, although important, is secondary to the content.


Laly said...

WOW!! Chris, you're alive! And you have a blog!!! How are you, man?

Christian Cabral said...

I am alive and well. And your blog is super cool. Love it. One of my favs. I definitely am gonna follow it.

Laly said...

Ay, gracias chico. You should continue updating yours, I love your style of writing.

Christian Cabral said...

I am gonna try to update it more frequently. I just need followers!

I love your sense of style. Very modern and hip.