Sunday, August 24, 2008

Obama's Small Lead

The 2008 Presidential Election has captured the attention of a lot of citizens, especially college students like myself. This year, I've watched nearly every debate, every speech, and every ad. And most of my new involvement, like for many others, is attributed to Bush's abysmal presidency.

He has led us to no man's land in Iraq, while also neglecting domestic issues like healthcare, welfare, and housing. Furthermore, his answer to most economic problems has been tax cuts for the wealthy
and when he has had nothing substantive in mind, he has simply encouraged shopping.

Look how that’s turned out.

And what an interesting idea that stimulus plan: Give us measly checks now for something you will tax us for later. Why does this feel like a gimmick?

Fortunately, I've taken ECO 101, and here's what I know for sure: More money in the market means higher inflation, higher inflation means our currency's value drops. So you draw the conclusion
—is it a good economic policy?

Yet with all the advantages Obama appears to have—namely Bush’s low popularity, the decline of the GOP, the War in Iraq, the deteriorating healthcare system, difficult economic times—why isn’t it looking like a landslide for Obama? Is it because of Obama’s alleged inexperience?

To me, it's pretty simple. It’s race!

Mark Penn, Hilary Clinton’s former main strategist, wrote in a memo that the key to defeating Obama was to make him seem "exotic" or "foreign." That language makes me feel like Obama is a part of a rare species of African Americans who are articulate and smart. They make you?!?!?

Of course, the Republicans and McCain have and will continue to manipulate race. So please pundits and others stop claiming that Obama has an advantage because he is black. Last time I checked, there were a lot more whites than blacks in America. In other words, if all whites vote for McCain and all blacks vote for Obama, then McCain wins easily.

In short, race entering the presidential race only serves to give McCain an advantage.

But anyway, I want to end with a little advice for McCain: Stop saying "My Friends" to start off virtually every sentence of your speeches. Trust me it doesn't make you look younger. You are way too mean to be my friend, and your policies are certainly not my friends.