Monday, July 21, 2008

Words Are Powerful

Words. Words are powerful.

Whether they are coming out of mouths, books, or computer screens (like this one) they can physiologically change us because they evoke deep feelings and past memories.

Sometimes words are used to describe reality like Billie Holiday’s “Strange Fruit.” Other times they are used to distort reality like Bush’s speeches. So as much as there are truths in words, there are lies in words.

When used deceitfully, words are like Trojan Horses invading our minds. “Yes,” “Terrorists,” “Love,” “God,” Do I have to say it again? Words are powerful!

For politicians, words are great allies and great foes. One good slogan (“Yes We Can!”) can put you in the Oval Office, while one bad line can destroy a career.

For couples, it’s the same. Stringing together words beautifully can lead to a romantic evening, while the wrong words can mean a night alone in the uncomfortable couch.

Use your words wisely because words are powerful like missiles that explode on contact.


KiNeTiC said...

Preach my brother I feel you. I wonder if the not-so-technologically-sound population knows what a Trojan Horse is. Nevertheless, good post.

Taz said...

Guess who.