Tuesday, July 8, 2008

New York: The Pretty, The Ugly

With skyscrapers that soar above puffy, vanilla clouds and colossal housing projects covered by thick, gloomy clouds, New York is the glamour and the gritty tied into one.

Traveling through the city’s neighborhoods is like roaming different worlds.

Some are like the Upper East Side, a paradise with light men, wearing pricey business suits reminiscent of those in
Men in Black, opening golden doors that lead to penthouses with cinematic views of Central Park.

Others are like the South Bronx, a nightmare with dark men, wearing raggedy shirts that ripped while evading cops, begging as they hold silver doors that lead to cholesterol and heart disease:

Yet despite its legacy of grotesque wealth distribution, annually New York’s flavorful cultures and historic landmarks compel thousands to visit, while its wide-ranging employment opportunities convince thousands more to settle.

Constructed by poor immigrants with loads of cement, bricks, and steel, this grand metropolis may be the greatest achievement of human civilization.

Of course, however, some think that there is nothing special about living in filthy conditions and sending children to crowded schools with outdated books.

Ultimately, New York is as flawed as it is impressive: It is like the human species.


Anonymous said...

Don't Forget about the Drug Addiction Problems to these damn New Yorkers. In South Bronx you will find crack fiends begging you for more money for crack. Also in the White collered jobs Cocaine and Marijuana are a big issue. Christian You have many good points i would like for you to write about the addictions problems amongst Latino Americans in New York and see your Point of View. Some questions you can ask your self is are they Being Oppressed, in the book the Pedaogogy of the Oppressed by Paulo Freire you can see the 8 Dialogiacal and Antidilogica views of Oprression check it out.. CHAO!!

Much Love from your good Friend
Kelvin Portes AKA. Inwoods Legend AKA Victor Ventura AKA Billy (Your Cousin)

Laly POP! said...

Angel says: you're trying to bite my style too much with that metaphoric last sentence.

I say: genius, again.