Friday, February 20, 2015

Less is More

I listen to music, watch TV, text my friends, review my college work, read the news, check my email, and I eat food. And sometimes I do all these things at the same time!

That’s what our world has come to. Our world is a world of constant stimulation. Our phones give us endless notifications, our web browsers are open with dozens of tabs, and our TVs bombard us with thousands of images.

Do you remember when life was simple? Maybe not. Because maybe life has never been simple for you.

Imagine reading a book and doing nothing else. The words may start meaning more; your brain may be able to process the ideas on a deeper level.

Imagine doing the same thing with music. The instruments may come to life; the voices may sound richer and more exquisite.

I want those experiences. I want that simplicity. I want that life.

The modern world is stressful. The modern world creates anxiety.

Forget multitasking; embrace singletasking!

Imagine what today's technology and multitasking would have done to our ancestors. Picture this: a group of men go to hunt and come across a humongous wild beast. Suddenly each man becomes distracted. But each man has a "good" reason. One of the men notices a new friend request; another receives new likes on his Instagram photo; the third looks through his music collection for inspirational hunting music. As they look down, the beastly animal attacks quickly. The men notice too late.

All of the men die.

That’s what will happen to our civilization if we keep going in this direction.

We may not all physically disappear for caring too much about social media or being caught up with modern technology. But intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually we will all be empty. We will all lack depth.

So here is a word of advice: when you are at dinner with a friend or your significant other, be at dinner. Enjoy the food. Enjoy the conversation. Forget about the Instagram photos. Forget about your friend’s text messages. Forget about your work email. Just enjoy dinner.

Otherwise life will pass you by.

If you learned anything from what I wrote, let it be that life is beautiful. But you can only see life’s beauty when you stop and appreciate the simple things.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Winners and Losers of the Zimmerman Case


George Zimmerman killed someone and does not have to go prison. Enough said.

More skittles are being sold than ever. Wringley, the company that owns skittles, has ironically benefitted from the fact that Trayvon Martin was carrying skittles when he was murdered by Zimmerman.

Modell’s and other retailers have been selling hoodies left and right. And once again, just like the skittles, it is only because Trayvon was wearing a hoodie when he was gunned down.

Guns and 2nd Amendment
Once again we as a country just said that is okay for people to use a gun as “self-defense.” I know the NRA didn't mind the results of this case.

How many rappers in the next year or two will be saying lines like “I don’t care if you are my fan/ I will kill you like I’m George Zimmerman!”?


With the ruling and the Stand Your Ground Law, this case made Florida look more backwards than the other Deep South states. First Al Gore getting screwed. Now this?

Trayvon Martin’s Family
When you lose a loved one, it deeply hurts the family involved. And in this case not only did they lose a loved one, but they never received justice.

Black People
Black people always get the shorter end of the stick. Slavery, segregation, racism, racial profiling, etc. This case, along with the countless others which have occurred in New York (Amado Diallo, Sean Bell), prove that the judicial system does not care about protecting black lives. Let’s be honest. Do you think that if any of those cases a white woman or male was being killed do you think the murderers would have been acquitted?

The Judicial System
At the end of the day, as a country we did not take a step forward in making a “more perfect union.” We just reinforced the fact that this country’s judicial system is a joke.

Everyone Who Cares About Justice
All of you who watched closely hoping that America would come through. Unfortunately, it didn’t and therefore you were on the losing side.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

To Be Or Not To Be

I am white, yet I am not white.
Yeah I know it seems confusing,
But actually it’s pretty simple.
I have white skin, but I am not white.
Do you understand now? 
Whiteness is a social construction—
Constructed by a particular class of whites—Anglo-Saxons!
The point of identifying the “truly” white from the falsely white
Is to ensure that whites only give advantages to their own kind. 
Yet during the summer, when I stand under the sun for too long,
I get sun burned and my skin turns red.
That’s what happens to people who are white!
Yet in this society, I’m not white!
I guess the nappy hair and the way I talk shows my true colors.  
Whites have the most houses, clothes, and cars,
But behind that material wealth is whites’ dark history.
So when the white man tells me, “You’re not white!”
I will be polite—and respond with a smile.